The National Transport Commission (NTC) Load Restraint Guide (LRG) provides transport drivers, operators, and other participants in the transport chain with basic safety principles which should be followed for the safe carriage of loads on road vehicles.

The NTC is currently updating the guide and released a new draft version which is designed to provide drivers, operators, and other participants in the transport chain of responsibility with practical advice on how to safely transport a load on 14 June 2017.

The draft third edition of the guide is available at the NTC’s website and consultation is open until 5pm, Friday 4 August 2017.


Checkaload is a revolutionary new load restraint tool.

Developed for mobile and tablet, is a a simple tool to check load restraint compliance.


The Load Restraint DVD produced by the Logistics Training Council (WA) communicates safe transport of loads through explanation of basic principles such as vehicle selection, load positioning and stability, restraint equipment and checks. It is suitable for use by transport operators, training providers and individuals. Click on the DVD image below to place your order.


View the Australian Logistics Council (ALC) rated curtain guidelines for load restraint. This guide explains how to identify load restraint ‘rated’ curtains. It provides general advice on the correct ways to use them as part of the load restraint system.

Other resources

In 2012, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) completed a campaign to help workers, operators and employers understand the risks involved with securing and releasing loads on heavy vehicles. There were 427 advisory inspections conducted across Queensland by inspectors through to 2015.

Here are the resources that accompanied that campaign:

Safely securing loads on trucks video

Safe handling when securing loads webinar

Work health and safety considerations when selecting a chain tensioning device


Load Restraint – Expertise and Courses

Engistics is a specialised engineering consultancy specialising in the science behind efficient and safe logistics. Extensively involved in load restraint, Engistics specialise in ensuring clients understand the fundamental principles that underpin safe systems. They also devise, test, certify and document efficient solutions to the requirement of Section I of the National Transport Commission (NTC) Load Restraint Guide.

View Load Restraint for Managers. A presentation by Mike Robertson, Managing Director, Engistics from the 4th Transafe WA Road Transport Industry Safety Forum

Transafe WA recommends the In-Depth Load Restraint Courses run regularly by Engistics. Go to  www.engistics.com.au/load-restraint-course for more information or to enrol.