Forum 15, Thursday 12 April 2018 – Albany

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Over 55 participants joined us for our first forum in Albany and a full program. In his opening comments Darren Chapman, General Manager HSES for Southern Ports noted that 54% of Albany trade is aligned with the road transport industry. Andrew Duffield, Regional Manager for Main Roads WA added that the greater part of the regional road network is 50+ years old.

There were questions for Main Roads from the audience regarding urgent funding allocations for more safe truck rest bays. Main Roads say this is on their radar as they try to secure the funds. There was increased concern noted regarding the interaction of trucks and cars in Albany as the city and it’s freight task grows. Simon Wakeling from Main Roads did a good job of clarifying the HMMS, and regulations regarding licensed pilots and agricultural pilots.

Presentations from the day have been made available by the speakers for download:

WA Polce Regional Update by Traffic Sergeant Andrew Norton

360 Aware Presentation by Mark Garden, Investigations Specialist with Western Power

Managing Alcohol and other Drugs in the Workplace by Chris Andony from Alcolizer

Traffic Management across Southern Ports by Darren Champman, General Manager HSES

Southern Ports PoB Incident Investigation and Lessons Learned

Sleep, health, safety, productivity and mental health. A presentation by Dr Nicholas Mabbott

Main Roads Regional Update with Andrew Duffield, Regional Manager

Main Roads Harvest Mass Management Scheme and Licensed Pilots vs Agricultural Pilots with Simon Wakeling HV Access Network Advisor for Main Roads