See and Be Seen at the Toodyay Show, October 2018

Transafe WA had a great day at the Toodyay Ag Show on Saturday 6 October, 2018 educating show-goers about truck blind spots and how to share the road safely with heavy vehicles. Big thanks to Cliff Simpson from Toodyay Roadwise for inviting Transafe WA members Midland Brick to bring their Volvo combination along. Transafe WA undertook to print the silhouettes from Volvo Truck’s See and Be Seen program. These were placed around the truck and show-goers were able to climb into the truck cab to understand what the driver can and can’t see.

We had loads of great feedback from the general public and the show organisers about how valuable the exhibit was:

“Trucks are the lifeblood of the region and everyone experiences them in one way or another.”

Transafe WA would be happy to hear from members interested in staging similar events in their communities. Contact Ana on 0481 350 961.