Mental Health tips for drivers and employees

Transafe WA sponsors Driver Hire Australia have produced an excellent mental health poster with tips and resources for those working in the road transport industry in Australia.

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Road Trauma Support WA

Road Trauma Support WA is a not-for-profit agency, delivered by the Injury Control Council of WA and funded by the Road Trauma Trust Account. The agency provides counselling and support services free of charge to anyone impacted by road trauma, irrespective of when the incident occurred, or the person’s actual level of involvement, be it direct or indirect.

For more information, visit their website.

View the presentation Coping with Trauma After a Road Crash, from the 12th Transafe WA Road Transport Industry Safety Forum.



Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia and there are now more than 115,000 people diagnosed in WA. Unmanaged type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, stroke and amputation in WA.

Unfortunately, the trucking industry is over-represented by the number of those living with, or at risk of, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and/or stroke and this has a number of serious health, safety and risk implications for the industry.

To that end, Diabetes WA has launched Workplace POWER in this state – a low-cost mens’ health program that encourages small, sustainable changes to a drivers’ lifestyle. It has already shown positive results by enhancing overall health of employees, promoting weight loss (men lose on average 4-5 kgs) and an improved quality of life. Results from previous programs show significant cost-savings through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and workplace injuries.

Workplace POWER does not seek to cut out things like beer or snack foods altogether, rather empower truck drivers to make progressive and lasting changes that benefit themselves, their family and their workforce.

Workplace POWER is the first program internationally to target blue collar workers and comes in at $225 per individual. It comprises:
– 90 minute information session
– Weight Loss DVD for Blokes
– Weight Loss Handbook for Blokes
– Weight Loss Log Book
– Calorie King Website User Guide Low cost

Workplace POWER pack

As a not-for-profit organisation, Diabetes WA is seeking to work together with the trucking industry to help prevent and better manage the thousands of drivers living with, and at risk of, type 2 diabetes in WA.

For more information and for a free information and recruitment pack, contact Diabetes WA Workplace POWER Coordinator Melissa Davis on 08 9436 6284 or

The Effects of Fizz – the Dark Side of Alcohol and Drugs

It’s a widely known fact that excessive alcohol consumption is not good for our health, but how much is too much?

This presentation looks at the effects of alcohol and drugs on our health and our workplace. We explore the limited nutrition in alcohol and how it can contribute to weight gain and health problems in both the short and long term. It will also give your workers the skills to recognise a standard drink through a fun and interactive activity.

If you are interested in implementing this program at your workplace, please email Workplace POWER Coordinator Melissa Davis on 08 9436 6284 or