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At the 4th Transafe WA Road Transport Industry Safety Forum on 30/3/15, the Hon Alyssa Hayden MLC launched Transafe WA’s road safety initiative designed to remind motorists to share the road safely with heavy vehicles.

“Drivers often become impatient when behind trucks.

“Road safety is a partnership and we hope these messages will build greater cooperation by reminding motorists of the limitations with maneuverability truck drivers have,” said Ms Hayden.

There has been a significant increase in the number of heavy and long vehicles on WA roads over the past 20 years, an increasing trend that is set to continue with the growing demand for the supply of goods.

In fact road freight accounts for more than 70 per cent of Australia’s 2,930 million tonnes of domestic freight, and employs more than 180,000 people.

The new initiative will initially focus on three simple messages aimed at educating motorists about safely overtaking heavy vehicles, avoiding truck blind spots and allowing adequate space for turning trucks.

“We are launching this initiative on the highly visible IGA fleet which deliver to stores in the Perth metropolitan area and to country regions including the mid and south-west, said Allan Price, Vice-Chair of Transafe WA.

“We know that transit advertising demands attention and reaches everybody.

“It makes sense to display these messages about trucks on a fleet that has been recognised by industry for their high safety standards,” said Mr Price.

Transafe WA has worked with industry to refine the messages and has aligned them to other state and national campaigns including Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Safety Program and the Australian Trucking Association’s Safety Truck Program with their support.